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Niall Boyd's Portfolio


For this project we were asked to design a three column grid of a Grimm Fairy Tale. I have chosen Rumpelstiltskin as my story. I chose Rumpelstiltskin because I was familiar with the story and the character from other depictions, I found the character fascinating because of how sneaky he was. It particularly helped me to imagine how I could play with the font choices, colour and character. The concept of the design was to help identify each of the traits of the characteristics of Rumpelstiltskin.

For the title I used the font Professor Minty to help depict the characteristics of Rumpelstiltskin, to show his mischievous nature with a font that flows up and down similar to how he is depicted in the story when he is dancing around a fire hopping up and down.

I chose the colour green to show his elf like qualities, and also to showcase his connection to the forest.In the background I used a texture to give it an old feel which was to show the age of the story. An image was added to the title to replace the k in Rumpelstiltskin which was inspired by the line “ridiculous little man was jumping, he hopped upon one foot.” The quote I chose was selected due to the key idea in the story which essential to understand the essence of the story. It shows that the story is not just about a man called Rumpelstiltskin. For the body the text I used the font Minion Pro, I used this font for easy readability and it contrasted well with the textured surface. I used a three column grid to give it a scroll like feature which would have been used at the time of the story setting.